Metron – Prologue to “The Darkseid War”

Metron - Prologue

Metron in “Justice League #40”


Enemy of all existence

One Life that is Darkseid

“Final Crisis 07”

Joker’s death – Injustice

1 final

Injustice Gods Among us – Year One #4

Superman – Mongul

Another good piece of work by Alan Moore. The power and the fear..aah I can feel it.

Superman - Mongul

Superman vs. Mongul in “For the Man who has Everything”

Deathstroke – The scariest badass

The Terminator!

deathstroke intro

Deathstroke in “The New52 – Deathstroke #1”

Superman Vs. Doomsday – The Last Punch

One last explosive effort!!

Superman Doomsday last puch

Superman and Doomsday get one last punch from each other in “The Death of Superman (1993)”